First 2014 web review

First, Happy New Year to all of you and best wishes from Marker Beacon!

Let’s check the news from the web:

Thank you to all these web sites and thank you to all of our listeners. Remember that our album Dead Frequencies is also available as a physical CD. Buying the CD would really help us to reimburse our expenses and prepare the future next album!

September news

Hello There!

A small post to give you some statistics (since june):

  • the web site has about 500 unique visitors every month
  • an average of 20GB of music download per month
  • about 1500 listens per month
  • we sold about 50 CDs, it represents about 20% of the money we spent

And some news:

They talk about Marker Beacon

Following the release of Dead Frequencies, Marker Beacon was quoted in several blogs or podcasts this month:

Many thanks to them for talking about us ! By the way, Marker Beacon is also registered on many music sites:

Don’t hesitate to drop us a message on these platform or on our website!

The production of the CD will start soon

We received last friday some fresh news from Hurricane Entertainment, the company which is the intermediary between the pressing factory (OK Media) and us. The factory has finished the “final proof” for the cover and the CD, which is the last step before starting the production.

They should be able to communicate us a delivery date in the coming days, and as a result we will soon be able to announce the release date of Dead Frequencies, the first album of Marker Beacon.

We would like to thank all our friends and fans for their support and their patience!

The front cover of “Dead Frequencies”

The release of our upcoming album is getting closer ! If everything goes well, we should be able to release it in may. The release date will be officially announced on this website. But for the impatient fans… you can already discover the front image of Dead Frequencies below.

It was designed by our friend Aurélia. We would like to thank her again for her hard work and we hope that she enjoyed to work on this project.


The pressing of “Dead Frequencies” is authorized by the SACEM

We received yesterday the authorization from the SACEM/SDRM (french authors guild) for the replication of our CD Dead Frequencies. This authorization is mandatory before sending the pressing request to the factory.

This authorization is free for us as we are the composers and authors of the music and because we are not members of the SACEM. It was done through their web interface