First 2014 web review

First, Happy New Year to all of you and best wishes from Marker Beacon!

Let’s check the news from the web:

Thank you to all these web sites and thank you to all of our listeners. Remember that our album Dead Frequencies is also available as a physical CD. Buying the CD would really help us to reimburse our expenses and prepare the future next album!

September news

Hello There!

A small post to give you some statistics (since june):

  • the web site has about 500 unique visitors every month
  • an average of 20GB of music download per month
  • about 1500 listens per month
  • we sold about 50 CDs, it represents about 20% of the money we spent

And some news:

They talk about Marker Beacon

Following the release of Dead Frequencies, Marker Beacon was quoted in several blogs or podcasts this month:

Many thanks to them for talking about us ! By the way, Marker Beacon is also registered on many music sites:

Don’t hesitate to drop us a message on these platform or on our website!